Top Mattress Advertisers in Paid Search, Black Friday-Cyber Monday 2017

Last year AdGooroo found that November and December are the top months for mattress advertising in paid search marketing. To explore how mattress advertisers are faring this year, we examined U.S. Google desktop text ad and product listing ad clicks on 154 mattress keywords over the 2017 Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend, including ‘mattresses’, ‘mattress sales’, ‘tempurpedic mattress’ and ‘best mattress’.

Mattress Paid Search Advertising  

Overall we saw a significant difference between leadership in paid search text ads and product listing ads among mattress advertisers. Specifically, mattress specialty retailers were the top players in text ads while mass retail brands dominated product listing ads.

Tuft & Needle led all advertisers in performance on text ads, receiving 10.5% of all clicks on the 154 mattress keywords, followed closely by Mattress Firm with a 10.2% share of clicks. Casper and Amazon tied for the third spot, each garnering an 8.6% click share. However, it should be noted that Amazon’s ads over the holiday sale weekend largely promoted Casper mattresses, giving Casper a larger portion of text ad clicks than the results indicate. JCPenney (7.1% click share) and Select Comfort’s Sleep Number (6.4% click share) rounded out the top five.

Adding an additional dimension to the text ad results, online mattress retailer Saatva had four sites sponsoring the 154 keywords during the extended weekend, whose combined 10.5% click share surpassed all other advertisers except Tuft & Needle. Those sites include Saatva’s memory foam line (4.2%), (2.9% click share), (2.5% click share) and its all-natural latex mattress (1% click share).

As mentioned above, the picture changes within product listing ads, where led performance on the mattress keyword group with a 12.1% click share, followed by Walmart (11.1% click share), Amazon (8.6% click share), Kohl’s (6.1% click share) and online specialty retailer US-Mattress (5.9% click share). Aside from the latter, Mattress Firm (4% click share) was the only other specialty mattress retailer to generate a PLA click share above 1% on the mattress keyword group over Black Friday-Cyber Monday.

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