Xbox, Nintendo & Lego Top Most Clicked Toys in Paid Search

If Paid Search clicks are any indication, a handful of toy brands will dominate this holiday season, including Xbox, Nintendo and Lego.

AdGooroo examined U.S. Google Desktop Text Ad activity on 893 top toy keywords (based on paid search spend) from November 15 to December 13 to produce a ranking of the Top 20 Toy Keywords by Paid Search Clicks:

Top Keywords

Video Game Consoles Lead the Field

The most clicked keyword by far was ‘xbox one’, the video game console from Microsoft, which received more than 653,000 clicks over the last month. Ranked fifth was ‘xbox 360’, whose 245,000 clicks brought Xbox’s total to more than 898,000 clicks.

Nintendo’s ‘wii u’ ranked second with more than 488,000 clicks, while the brand’s handheld video console, ‘nintendo 3ds’, ranked 12th with 115,000 clicks, for a total of nearly 604,000 Nintendo clicks among the Top 20.

Sony’s ‘playstation 4’ ranked 10th with nearly 129,000 clicks from November 15 through December 13.

The only specific video game keyword to make the Top 20 was ‘star wars battlefront’, the new title from Electronic Arts, which generated 249,000 clicks and is perhaps benefitting from excitement surrounding the new Star Wars film opening on December 18.

Traditional Toys Still Popular

High tech video games are not the only game in town this holiday season; traditional, hands-on toys made the Top 20 most clicked toy keywords as well. Epitomizing this trend is LEGO whose 4 keywords in the Top 20 collectively generated nearly 584,000 clicks during the period, including ‘lego’ (ranked #3 with 280,000 clicks), ‘legos’ (131,000 clicks), ‘lego friends’ (89,000 clicks) and another Star Wars tie-in, ‘lego star wars’ (84,000 clicks).

Mattel had six keywords in the Top 20 ranking, the most of any toy manufacturer, including two ‘hot wheels’ terms totaling 203,000 clicks, infant-toddler brand ‘fisher-price’ (137,000 clicks), the relatively new doll brand ‘monster high dolls’ (116,000 clicks), ‘barbie’ (82,000 clicks) and ‘power wheels’ (76,000 clicks), which are battery-powered toy cars that children ride in. Together Mattel’s six keywords generated nearly 613,000 clicks, more than any other manufacturer’s Top 20 terms except for Microsoft’s Xbox.

Lastly, Hasbro had two brands in the Top 20 ranking, including ‘nerf guns’, which ranked #6 with 242,000 clicks, and ‘easy bake oven’, which garnered 105,000 clicks.

The only non-branded toy keywords to make the Top 20 ranking were ‘toys’, ranked 7th with 150,000 clicks, and ‘trampoline’ with 86,000 clicks.

Top Advertisers by Click Share

Collectively, 7,060 advertisers spent $6 million sponsoring the 893 toy keywords via U.S. Google Desktop Text Ads from November 15 through December 13, while 996 advertisers spent $1.7 million sponsoring the keyword group via U.S. Google’s Product Listing Ads during the period.

Text Ad Click Share

Amazon led in Text Ad clicks on the keyword group with 12.5% click share during the period, followed by Target (8.7%), Walmart (8.3%), Toys “R” Us (6.2%) and (4.2%).

Product Listing Ad Click Share

Walmart led in Product Listing Ad clicks with a 15% click share, followed by Toys “R” Us (14.2%), Target (12.1%), Kohl’s (6.3%) and eBay (6%).

Notably, just ten advertisers, including the aforementioned top five, as well as GameStop, Best Buy,, and, accounted for 70% of Product Listing Ad clicks on the top toy keyword group during the period. For Text Ads, 17 advertisers accounted for 63% of clicks.

NOTE: The results of this study are limited to the 893 toy keywords studied. Advertisers may be sponsoring additional toy keywords that, if measured, would alter the figures in this report.

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