Asking the big questions how to avoid programmatic pitfalls and protect advertiser investment

Kantar Media and invite you to attend "Asking the Big Questions: How to Avoid Programmatic Pitfalls and Protect Advertiser Investment," a webinar from our friends at the Alliance for Audited Media.

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In an environment where advertising fraud and brand safety issues seem to make headlines every week, it's important for all sides of the industry to work toward bringing more trust and transparency to digital advertising. 

For media planners, transparency begins with knowing as much as possible about your media partners and their business practices. With so many different players in the ecosystem, navigating the supply chain and asking the right questions of your vendors can be challenging. 

In the Alliance for Audited Media’s 30-minute session, you will learn:

  • What happens behind the scenes in a real-time bidding environment
  • How new industry guidelines in 2016 will drive more transparency in RTB
  • How to ask vendors for the level of transparency you want
  • What to ask vendors about fraud and the steps they've taken to detect and filter invalid traffic

Attendance is limited. Sign up now to reserve your seat!


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