Better navigation for commonly used links

The next time you sign in to, you'll notice that we've rearranged a few commonly used links to be easier to find no matter where you are in the service.

  • The "Reports" link has moved up, under your name, and has been renamed "Output Reports." Any media you tag during a research session is accessible from this link.
  • Next to "Output Reports" is a new link, "Digital Campaigns." This link is part of ournew suite of programmatic features, and can be used to quickly view any digital programmatic ads you've selected/added to a campaign.
  • The "Logout" link has moved to the far upper-right, next to your name. We hope you won't use this often!
  • Resources has been renamed "Need Help?"
  • Both "Need Help?" and "Contact Us" are located in the site footer throughout the service.

If you have any questions about these changes, just let us know

New reports layout in SRDS

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