Big picture search big time enhancements

This past weekend we released a suite of enhancements to the way your Open Search results are organized and displayed.

Based directly on feedback from users like you, (thanks, and keep the input coming!), the new Open Search workflow streamlines the experience of searching across multiple media types, while still giving you the ability to apply powerful, media-specific filters to optimize your results.

Filter options are now available for all media types:

  • Business Publications: classification, domestic or international titles, listings with classified information and audited titles.
  • Consumer Magazines: classification and audited titles.
  • Digital Media: classification, DMA, sites with website metrics and audience demographics.
  • Direct Marketing: classification, domestic, international or Canadian lists and list type and selects, including e-mail list/e-mail selectsenhanced lists, high ticket mail order buyers and new listings.
  • Newspapers: national and DMA markets, listings with classified information and newspaper type, including dailies, communities, alternatives and shoppers.
  • Out-of-Home: national and DMA markets and media types.
  • Radio: metro and non-metro markets, format and primary demographic.
  • TV & Cable: media types, including TV stations, cable systems and TV/Cable networks, national and DMA markets and commercial TV stations, non-commercial TV stations and interconnects.

Use the Media Companies tab to identify networks, representatives, groups, owners, brokers and managers, organized by media type.

Search as easy as 1-2-3

The Open Search changes are easy to master and will kick your SRDS searching game up a notch:

  1. Enter keywords, phrases, or titles
  2. Search across all media types (by default) or make more advanced selections from the “Options” drop down menu. Search specific media types or click the “Title Only” box if you know exactly what you’re looking for.
  3. View and/or narrow your results. Available media are categorized by media type on the left side of the screen (The numbers in parentheses show the number of matching results). Click a media type to display media-specific filters and narrow your results.

    Just click “Back to Original Results” to return to the cross-media big picture

For the super searcher

Did you know you can kick it up yet another notch? Check out our Search Tips to see how you can perform advanced searches such as searching for a phrase, excluding certain words from your search and using the AND and OR operators to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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