Easily access, output and share media profiles & website images in SRDS.com

We’ve got some big news to announce this week that should make finding, considering and understanding media even easier in SRDS.com.

More Media Profiles Everywhere

First up, if a media property listing includes a descriptive profile, that profile now appears in your search results. This means you can quickly scan through multiple listing profiles from one convenient screen to better understand different media before clicking through to get more detail. As an added bonus, users with reporting enabled can now output profile text in a Detailed Report.

We’ve also added about 5,000 new profiles, mostly local digital listings, which should give you richer information to decide which regional sites best fit you and your client’s advertising needs.

More Website Images

Curious about what a website listed in SRDS.com actually looks like? Need a quick glimpse of the environment where your client’s digital ads will appear? First impressions count, and now you can see listed sites without leaving SRDS.com. We’ve added nearly 20,000 website images to digital media listings. Remember to click through to the listing detail to see each one.

We hope you find these enhancements useful, especially the profile changes, which came directly from user requests.  There are many more enhancements to SRDS.com and our digital database coming soon, so keep the input coming and stay tuned for more exciting SRDS news.

If you have any questions or need help using SRDS.com, let us know.

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