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Recently Kantar Media SRDS welcomed additional automated guaranteed inventory to itsdigital database thanks to our newest programmatic trading partner, Adslot.

Adslot is an advertising technology company that automates the trading of guaranteed display media placements. Adslot provides buyers with scale, control and efficiency in the purchasing and optimization of premium digital media campaigns from a robust catalogue of tier 1 publishers. Founded in 2007, Adslot is a global organization with operations in Australia, the US and the UK and Europe, headquartered in Melbourne. It is a public company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:ADJ).

Adslot Media is a purpose-built media trading platform developed to realize Adslot’s belief that "Automated Guaranteed is the optimal method for automating transactions between buyers and sellers, while preserving publishers forward guaranteed trading model for premium inventory." To date, more than $100 million has been transacted via Adslot's programmatic direct technology.

In December 2013, Adslot acquired Facilitate Digital, which builds agency workflow solutions. Facilitate Digital's product Symphony is deployed by several of the major holding companies globally, as well as a growing number of domestic US independent and agency networks. Symphony agencies use the platform to manage the full execution and life-cycle of their digital media campaigns. The acquisition of Facilitate Digital brought together Symphony's long history of agency workflow and integrations into agency ad servers and accounting platforms with Adslot's Automated Guaranteed trading platform. Adslot's integrations into publisher ad servers allows publishers to expose their inventory in an easy to use workflow that makes it easy for buyers to establish a consideration set of publishers and placement; select and add placements to a media schedule that can then be configured based on real-time guaranteed availability of inventory and all targetable placement data, and then execute a campaign.

Adslot Media allows buyers and sellers to transact more easily, efficiently and transparently. With Adslot Media, advertisers can view the inventory a publisher has selected to expose along with pricing details. Buyers can filter publishers by contextual criteria or they can build a plan based on the target audience they which to reach. The entire experience including the purchase is similar to an e-commerce experience.

Adslot has spent more than $20 million in research and development building its user interface and seamless integrations and interoperability with publisher ad servers. The company offers a unified stack of buyer capabilities, including the full automation of direct buying from a large number of publishers in one system. The company also brings together the full capability of planning, leveraging third-party data, transacting with the publisher, managing creative and reporting.

Within the platform, buyers can adjust impressions, pricing or flight dates by line item and fine-tune their campaign to meet their reach and eCPM targets. Once a buyer determines the data and parameters they want to configure, Adslot accesses the publisher's ad server to expose real-time inventory availability, meaning that avails for each line item can be confirmed in real-time.

For creative, buyers have 3 options: they can submit existing creative, use Adslot's online ad builder to customize a free template, or upload 3rd party ad server ad tags.

Once a buyer goes through this process, they can check out via a credit card payment, PayPal or direct invoicing. Adslot configures the campaign, the buyer uploads the creative or third-party ad tags for the campaign, and then the entire order is pushed through to the publisher for final approval with a high-priority label as a pending buy.

Currently, Adslot works directly with approximately 900 publishers, including many on the comScore 500, and including publishers such as Al Jazeera America, Backstage, BBC Worldwide, International Business Times, Pet360, Salon Media Group, Sporting News Media, Star Tribune, The Economist Group, The Washington Times, Wayfair and many more.

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