Get to know...the Centro Brand Exchange


Please join us in welcoming our friends at The Centro Brand Exchange to the digital database.We are thrilled to feature new private marketplace programmatic inventory from the Centro Brand Exchange.

If you’re not familiar with the Centro Brand Exchange, it was formed in 2011 and, like Kantar Media SRDS, is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The Centro Brand Exchange is a powerful network of high quality inventory that is integrated with all major DSPs and ad platforms.

Centro Brand Exchange publishers are carefully vetted, and the exchange only works with quality content sites. This strict and proactive curation process, paired with long-standing relationships with premier local and national publishers, providesunprecedented levels of brand safety and confidence. Centro Brand Exchange is IAB certified and maintains above-industry-standard ratings from third parties such as Pixalateand Trust Metrics.

With more than 1,400 sites, Centro Brand Exchange covers nearly all top 100 US markets. Their unique, off-the-shelf private deals that run across the entire brand exchange are based on IAB categories, location based content, platform, size, and more. These off-the-shelf private deals significantly streamline the process of buying high-quality inventory across multiple channels and publishers.

A Centro Brand Exchange representative told us that often the “Brand Exchange Run of Exchange Private Deal is the best place to start since it provides premium content at scale. That said, we’ve had tremendous success with our 300x600 and Homepage private deals for buyers looking for more of a high impact solution.”

Centro Brand Exchange also offers more traditional private deals that are specific to publishers/sites.

You can explore these and other Centro Brand Exchange deals by signing in to today.

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