Have you sent the AFLAC duck a get well card?

Did you hear what happened to the Aflac duck? He’s been in the hospital for about a week with injuries to his beak and wing, but it looks like this bird is going to pull through.

Aflac hasn’t gone into details about how the mysterious accident happened, but the supplemental insurance provider did announce the Duck’s hospitalization via a commercial first aired during the BCS National Championship game on January 7.

When I first saw the ad, I wasn’t sure what to think of it. But now that it’s been about a week, I’ve decided that not only does this promo make sense, it also worked extremely well. Maybe not in the traditional sense – the campaign I launched increased sales for the company by x% – but it does succeed as an interesting, positive and creative way to engage younger prospects with the Aflac brand.

This campaign went beyond TV ads with mobile banners and mobile search. Consumers could send the Aflac Duck get-well e-cards and receive updates on the bird’s condition through social media.

Jon Sullivan, Aflac Corporate Communications Manager, told ClickZ:

“We want to engage consumers with our brand in a lighthearted way that will help us deliver a serious message about the value of Aflac."

Though this is early in 2013, I think this may be one of the top imaginative integrations of advertising and social media that we’ll see all year, since most importantly, the campaign netted concrete results.

Sullivan told ClickZ that the Aflac Duck Facebook page has seen an increase of over 1,100 likes since the campaign launched and that in the first two and a half days of the promotion, the Duck received more than 4,050 cards. That’s pretty good awareness and engagement in my book.

Though the Aflac Duck isn’t back on its feet yet, I have to say, job well done, Duck, job well done.

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