Healthcare readership metrics: quickly and easily

Print media evaluation has come a long way since the first medical journal studies were released in the late 1970s. Today, planners and publishers have an array of metrics to help them plan or sell print advertising. Kantar Media offers a full complement of professional health readership metrics.

Current metrics available to all readership clients include total readers, average issue readers, page exposures and ad page exposures. Here are brief definitions of these metrics and their use.

  • Total readers is a metric that includes anyone who reads at least one out of four issues of a print journal. It is used to evaluate the reach to an audience.
  • Average issue readers is the number of readers likely to see an average issue of a journal. It takes into account how frequently readers say they read issues, assigning weights based on their activity.
  • Page exposures factor how completely individual readers go through an issue to project the likelihood of any reader being exposed to any page in the publication.
  • Ad page exposures combine the thoroughness of readers with the characteristics of the publication (like # of pages or location of ads) into a model that predicts the likelihood any reader will be exposed to a page of advertising in the publication.
  • In 2013, look for new metrics on “platform read” which will help you understand readership across print and digital formats.

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