Advertising for Home Security Services Reveals Another Fragmented Industry

Long dominated by a handful of industry stalwarts like ADT and Brinks, the home security category has diversified in recent years with the proliferation of tech-based smart solutions, as well as the entry of telecommunications providers to the market. These changes are reflected in the advertising landscape according to new research by Kantar, which examines television and paid search advertising in the first half of 2019.


There is tight competition to generate brand awareness and consumer interest in the home security category via television advertising, with three companies vying for the top spot and leaving the others behind in the first half of the year.

 Home Security

SimpliSafe, probably the most prominent of the new self-installation home security services, led the field with $25.4 million spent on TV advertising in the first six months of 2019, followed closely by industry leader ADT, with $24.7 million spent. Ring, the smart security system from Amazon that provides consumers with video surveillance of their door among other services, ranked third with $23.2 million in television ads during the period.

Competition fell off from there. The other four providers running television commercials that specifically promoted home security services in the first half of 2019 spent a combined $5.3 million, including telecommunications companies Cox and Xfinity (Comcast), regional provider CPI Security and Slomins.

Paid Search Advertising

Within paid search advertising, Kantar accessed leadership in the category by measuring advertisers’ percentage share of clicks on text ads displaying for 17 popular home security-related keywords on U.S. Google desktop and mobile search from January through June. Keyword examples include ‘home security systems’, ‘alarm systems’, ‘home security’ and ‘security systems’.

 Home Security

Product review/lead aggregator sites, which sell the contact information of in-market consumers to advertisers, were especially prominent in paid search advertising in the first half of the year. Within desktop search, four review sites gained nearly 40% of all clicks on the home security keywords, led by, which ranked #1 with a 17.4 % click share. In mobile search, three review sites gained more than 26% of all clicks on the keyword group, again led by, which ranked second with a 14.8% click share.

Brands often have something of a love-hate relationship with consumer review sites, which provide a strong source of leads but are often seen as driving up marketing costs in the search auction and forcing brands to pay for consumers who may otherwise have come to their site directly.

Despite competition from lead aggregators, DIY ‘smart’ solutions (SimpliSafe, Vivint, Frontpoint, Scout), telecommunications companies (Cox) and a longstanding rival (Brinks), ADT led the competition, garnering a 19% click share in mobile search and a 14% click share in desktop via two sites, and In addition, ADT’s entry into the self-installation home security market, LifeShield, gained an additional 3.1% mobile click share and a 2.7% desktop click share.

SimpliSafe ranked second in desktop with a very strong 15.9% click share and fifth in mobile with a 9% click share.

Brinks Home Security, which did not advertise on television during the period, ranked fifth in desktop search (8.2% click share) and third in mobile search (10.7% click share).

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