How are dentists using the internet for work?

Almost 100% of dentists use the Internet for professional purposes with the majority saying they use it daily, according to Kantar Media’s Sources & Interactions 2013 Study – Dentistry Edition. Further, older dentists tend to use the Internet less frequently than do younger dentists.

The average number of work-related Internet sessions conducted by dentists per week has increased by nearly two sessions year-over-year. However, the length of an average session has decreased by about three minutes.

Kantar Media’s Sources & Interactions™ Studies offer a detailed examination of healthcare professionals’ online and mobile activities, e-detailing experience, and exposure to (and evaluation of) information sources including traditional and emerging media, sales reps, CME, conventions and more. The Dentistry Edition, conducted every year, is designed to profile dentists’ media use in these areas of interest to healthcare marketers and media professionals.

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