How to find and evaluate digital media – networks and tech [ webinar + user questions]


On March 18, our trainer Tina Stevens hosted an idea-packed half-hour web session on how to find and evaluate ad networks and tech companies. Participants learned:

  • Who these networks and tech companies are
  • How to find companies for your digital campaigns
  • What criteria you can use to differentiate digital partners
  • How to evaluate digital networks and tech vendors
  • And more!

View the webinar on demand in the video above or click here find out more about the webinar resources.

We also had a ton of user-submitted questions. We've reached out to a variety of our SRDS team members and put together responses to each one.

User Questions from the Digital Networks & Tech Webinar
  1. How often is the data in the Digital Networks and Tech database updated?

The SRDS data team proactively contacts ad networks and tech companies listed in via telephone, mail and email multiple times throughout the year requesting up-to-date information. These listing owners can also send in updated data about their properties at any time, at no charge. In the last six months, almost half of the listings in the Digital Networks & Tech database have been updated. And in just February, the team made 50 updates to these listings.

  1. How do you have information about sites served by an ad network?

Kantar Media SRDS uses proprietary technology to detect the network or ad tech company that has served an ad unit on a website during a given time period. What we currently list in the "sites served on" tab are the sites that have had an ad served by the listed vendor (as detected by our technology) in the last 90 days.

  1. Are there any other digital media trainings available?

You can always sign up for a training session with Tina Stevens, our corporate trainer here. She is your top resource for ensuring that you’re getting the most out of Tine is also hosting a second digital media training webinar in April/May, covering how to find and evaluate websites for your media plans. Stay tuned for more information! And keep up with the latest news and digital media tips from our team on our blog.

  1. How much does a subscription to Digital Networks & Tech cost?

We encourage you to reach out to your rep so that he or she can get you the access to the data you need. Currently, the baseline cost for unlimited single-user access to the Digital Networks & Tech database for one year is $875.

  1. Is there a way to verify which suppliers may be selling/re-selling the data they collect through pixeling a client’s website?

Currently, does not verify which suppliers may be selling or re-selling the data they collect on a client’s website.

  1. Where can I get more information about how recently IAB or comScore were applied to the vendor in

Our data team is in regular communication with both the IAB and comScore. As additional companies become IAB certified or are named a comScore Top 20 Network, our team makes updates to their listings. We strive to make sure the IAB data is up-to-date quarterly and that comScore reach data is updated monthly.

  1. How specific does the information regarding geo-targeting get?

Currently, we provide information about whether or not a network or tech company offers geo-targeting. We do not currently break the targeting down by DMA, ZIP code or county.

  1. How do I go about finding out what the best digital platform would work for my client using SRDS? is a discovery tool that you can use to find and evaluate your media options. We provide you with dozens of data-points so that you can quickly create a list of the right digital networks and tech companies for your client to consider. You can also find more information about how to choose an ad tech vendor and how to find the best ad networkson our blog.

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