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Is This News?

A monkey went to court over a selfie

I swear there’s probably a joke in there somewhere. Basically, PETA took a photog to court saying the monkey owns the rights to selfies it took using the photographer’s camera. “The seven-year-old crested macaque took the selfies after photographer David Slater left his camera unattended while visiting a reserve in Indonesia in 2011. In a published book featuring images of Naruto, Slater admitted the monkey snapped the selfies. PETA filed its lawsuit in 2015, seeking to represent the monkey and manage proceeds gained from the image to help the animal and its community.” An appeals court denied PETA’s attempt, stating, “The copyright act ‘does not expressly authorize animals to file copyright infringement suits.’”


Do you ever wake up in a cold sweat, a nightmare disturbing your sweet slumber? Is it about monsters, natural disasters, or your teeth falling out? No? Maybe it’s about your phone slipping out of your hands, shattering into a million pieces on the ground. If it is, then you might have “Nomophobia,” a new term for those people who cannot fathom living without their mobile phone. Just the thought of losing or breaking their phone sends them into panic. This issue is affecting a growing number of young people, who often spend the majority of their time on those little things, snapping, tweeting and posting selfies. A survey found that teens are more willing to have a bone broken in their hand than to break their phone, spelling a larger problem with addiction. “The definition that I like for behavioral addiction that makes the most sense to me is an experience that we return to compulsively over and over again because it feels good in a short run but in the long run, it ultimately undermines our well-being in some respect. So, it can be someone who notices that over time their social relationships are degrading because they don't have a consistent, face-to-face contact with people and that's especially problematic for kids who need time in that real face-to-face social world because that's where they develop all the competencies of being a social creature.”

Facebook is STILL outpacing forecasts!

You would think with the controversy surrounding its data sharing and privacy concerns, Facebook usage and subsequent financials would at least decline, perhaps even plummet. Yeah, no, that’s not the case here. In fact, Facebook beat estimates for both revenue and profits, showing that these big platforms are nearly unshakeable. “User growth was also strong in the quarter, despite news of the Cambridge Analytica data breach, which hit mid-way through the first quarter. The number of people who use the social network daily rose to 1.45 billion people, meeting analysts's estimates for this key metric. Facebook reversed its decline of users in North America. Users in the U.S. and Canada rose to 241 million, and daily active users increased to 185 million in the same region.”


‘Nerd Prom’ was a bomb

The annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner tends to bring controversy, with a roast-like atmosphere, poking fun at the pomp and circumstance that often surrounds the presidency and all its parts. Well, this year was, how do we put it…#awkward? According to Twitter and the dinner’s attendees, the comedian headliner, Michelle Wolf, relentlessly attacked Trump and his inner sanctum, often hovering below the belt with her barbs. Did she go too far? Some, on both sides of the aisle, say yes. “The Correspondent's Dinner has come in for frequent criticism by some media observers, who believe journalists, and the policymakers they frequently cover, shouldn't cavort so ostentatiously. The gala-like event has also fanned worries about the appearance of elitism, amplifying the criticism of right-leaning critics of a press corps that appears out of touch.” In today’s fake news epidemic, the media should have taken this opportunity to shine a positive light on their profession, not sink to the level of those criticizing it.

College newspapers should be saved

It’s no secret that the digital world has been unkind to print news – culminating to a Save Students Newsroom campaign gaining steam in recent weeks. “A growing number of independent newsrooms have needed to consider whether to re-affiliate with their universities or shutter offices. To editors across the country, the looming possibility of administrative oversight represents an impingement on their freedom — and a potential censorship threat.” The decline in independent newspapers is also detrimental to the future of journalism as a craft – as these papers are often journalists’ training ground.

Say it aint so, #Calexit

As a nod to #Brexit, California is trying once again to separate from the US, some say as an act of defiance to the Trump administration. Others say it’s because California is just “different,” and needs its own set of rules. This time, supporters are pushing for a division into three separate zones, focusing on the polar differences each region has – tech to the north (NorCal), inland empire counties to the south (SoCal), and the Los Angeles area retaining the regular ol’ California name. It’s actually going to appear on the ballot come November! “Draper, chairman of the so-called "CAL 3" campaign, announced earlier this month his group planned to submit more than 600,000 signatures, or nearly twice the amount required by law, to qualify for the Nov. 6 ballot.” Will this ever happen? I believe the phrase “a snowball’s chance in Palm Desert” comes to mind.

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