Legal Advertising Roundup - 5/24-6/5

Here's your roundup of prominent legal advertising from the past two weeks from Kantar Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG):

Talcum Powder in the Spotlight

CMAG is used to seeing the seeing the linkage between news headlines and the political ad war. This trend holds for our legal ad monitoring service as well. In February, two large judgements were awarded to plaintiffs in cases alleging that talcum powder products caused ovarian cancer - to the tune of $55 million and $72 million settlements. While we have monitored this topic for years in mass tort solicitation advertising, we couldn’t help but notice the uptick in activity in the "feeding frenzy" effect that these judgements had. Ads from lawyers soliciting talcum powder claimants increased 9500% since that news broke; from $17,000 in Feb to $1.6 million in April. We can report that in May, the April figure more than doubled to $3.5 million in spending. 


Healthcare Industry Claims

CMAG often monitors creatives soliciting clients who have been injured by negligent medical or nursing home care from a hospital, facility or doctor. What is less common, however, are spots which target the healthcare industry as a whole. The Ohio-based DiCello Law Firm released 3 ads in late May stating that they "believe holding the healthcare industry accountable for medical mistakes makes the system better." Further alleging that there is a 20% chance of medical malpractice happening to a patient when they visit the hospital, this firm then indicates that consumers pay the healthcare system "over $3 trillion annually for this not to happen." The buy has been locally targeted at this point, where all 19 occurrences have appeared in the Spot TV markets of Cleveland and Columbus at a cost nearing $5,000, but this ad campaign is young. 




Focus on Pharmaceutical

CMAG has already monitored trial lawyers taking swipes at the healthcare industry. Now, the pharmaceutical industry now finds itself in the cross hairs. Napoli Shkolnik LLP- last seen soliciting claims for victims of the World Trade Center site - alludes to the opioid addiction epidemic in their ad. In addition to naming several painkillers in their creative, the New York City-based attorneys also alleged "that the [pharmaceutical] industry has broken laws designed to limit distribution for true medical purposes resulting in almost 200,000 deaths." So far at least, this ad campaign should not give pharma executives too many sleepless nights; this creative has aired on National Cable and in the Bakersfield, CA market a total of only 3 times at a cost of $2,000. Time will tell if the synergy of mass tort advertising and the painkiller epidemic has legs. 


Interested in learning more? You can get insights just like this from Kantar Media's CMAG law firm ad monitoring service. CMAG delivers real-time, accurate information on where TV ads are airing, what they say, how much is being spent, and the actual creative for viewing. Our experts provide clients with actionable insights to inform critical decision making. Contact us today to discover how we can help you!

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