Legal Advertising Roundup - 6/6-6/19

Here's your roundup of prominent legal advertising from the past two weeks from Kantar Media’s Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG):

PPI Claims

Kantar Media's CMAG has often noticed how FDA warnings regarding RX drugs and medical devices trigger trial lawyer advertising. This trend is even more pronounced when medical findings and warnings are given the megaphone of national media. On April 14, CNN reported the troubling findings of a study published by the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology stating that the use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) - common heartburn medications - places individuals at a higher risk for kidney disease and kidney failure. Claims such as these have been alleged for years as we have monitored PPI mass tort solicitation ads as a class for the better part of a decade. However, in light of this study and attendant media coverage, spending on these ads increased markedly, from a mere $8,600 spent on 85 airings in March to $1.4 million spent on 2,615 airings in May. In June thus far, this trend appears to be holding as we can already report $768,000 spent by lawyers soliciting PPI injury claimants.


Syngenta: Lawyers Go Hollywood?

As the issue of food labeling and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) gains traction in the public policy sphere, we have also noticed this issue being taken up by trial lawyers via an innovative short-film format. One of the firms advertising on this topic, DeWald, Deaver, P.C., has used its airtime to direct viewers to a brief film they produced about GMOs: This is a brand-new tactic used by attorneys soliciting clients for a mass tort action.

In total, CMAG has monitored five creatives from Sokolove Law Firm, Watts Guerra, LLP, DeWald, Deaver P.C. and Mauro, Archer & Associates accusing agribusiness giant Syngenta of costing corn farmers over $1 billion in the wake of China banning US corn imports in November 2013. The Chinese government had, at that time, not approved the Syngenta-produced Agrisure Viptera corn seed additive, though the company allegedly assured corn farmers that this approval was imminent. Since June 8, we’ve tracked 49 airings across Iowa and Missouri spot TV markets at a cost of $5,000.


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