National Brands Driving Store Traffic But Who’s Winning The Sale?

Allergy season is in full bloom and brand marketers are trying to “ease your sneeze” with high-value Free Standing Insert (FSI) and digital coupon offers.

Last week, Allegra, Alavert, Benedryl, Claritin, Nasacort, and Zyrtec were among the many Cold, Sinus & Allergy (CSA) brands distributing FSI and/or digital coupons offering potential savings of up to $7.00. Many of these brands secured retailer participation in cooperative FSI coupon promotions which “showed the math” including a featured price and net price after coupon savings. These high-value offers on leading allergy brands are attractive to retailers since they create a trip mission that drives shoppers into the store to purchase a high-dollar item as part of a shopping basket which may include several items for the allergy sufferer.

Although national brands are investing a lot of marketing dollars to drive shoppers into the retailers’ stores and to the CSA category, these national brands may not be capturing the sale at the shelf. Increasingly, retailers are promoting their store brands with both FSI and digital coupons which creates competition for in-store merchandising support, retail price advantage, and ultimately for category sales. For example, this week Dollar General distributed a full-page FSI coupon event and digital coupons on their retail website for their CSA store brands. Walgreen’s and Meijer also distributed digital coupons on their respective websites for their CSA store brands this week.

As Kantar Media illustrated in a previous analysis of the CSA category, brand marketers can gain an advantage with their shoppers by aligning the right program with the right retailer during the right week. However, brand marketers must also be aware of which retailers are creating category competition by supporting their store brands with FSI and digital coupon offers.

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