Nurse practitioner & physician assistant readership study

Kantar Media’s 2013 Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner study is designed to provide an unbiased evaluation of media brand consumption, publication readership and information sources used by physician assistants and nurse practitioners, tied to their patient interactions, prescribing habits, work location and specialty, to assist marketers as they evaluate promotional potential in physician assistant and nurse practitioner media.

What insights are available?

Professional publication readership, non-journal and website usage data.

  • See how frequently and thoroughly physicians assistants and nurse practitioners  read their print publications
  • Find out the probability of ad page exposure in a particular publications
  • Evaluate publication performance using the most trusted, stable, projectable data available in the healthcare market
  • Fine tune your media mix with metrics on usage and ad exposure potential for a range of digital and alternative media, including drug references, web portals, mobile services, Rx pads, patient record forms, mailers, and other media targeted to physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • Understand audience size and exposure potential for a wide range of non-journal media
  • Gain insight on new media such as mobile, satellite radio, social networking sites, etc.

How is data collected?

Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner Readership data were gathered via mail questionnaires between January 2013 and April 2013 as well as an online survey in March 2013. A portion of the sample received an original mailing in January and a follow-up in February, while the other portion of the sample received an email invitation to an online survey in March.

What’s new in 2013?

Beginning in 2012, the Kantar Media Healthcare Research team made several changes to the multimedia data, which is licensed separately from the readership data.

By expanding the measurement of online media, subscribers obtain a better model of "total brand" usage for media available on multiple platforms. More specifically:

  • More complete data for each product is now available. The new total "Any Format" score for each product shows the number of unique users across all media formats
  • Frequency of usage for additional online portals that were previously only reported separately are now reported in the same table as other media for easier cross-media comparison
  • Non-Journal Media tables are now organized to make it easier to compare publication and non-journal media usage for a particular sub-group
  • Non-Journal Media data is now available in the MARS Medical system

For more information on how to get full access to the study, contact us.

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