Online Hispanics are more active on social networks

Online Hispanics are more engaged with social media than non-Hispanics, according to a report from eMarketer.

Almost 7 in 10 Hispanic Internet users will or have visited social networks at least once per month this year, which is quite a few percentage points higher than the number for all Internet users.

In 2012, there have been 23.9 million Hispanic social network users, a huge number to say the least, but what may be even more intriguing is that social media usage makes up a significant chunk of the overall Internet usage of Hispanics.

Further, a March 2012 comScore poll for a Terra Networks report revealed that online Hispanics average 4 hours per week on social networks compared to 3.7 hours for online non-Hispanics.

"Online Hispanics’ above-average time spent social networking is particularly striking when one adds a bit of context: The same study found them spending nearly three hours less per week than non-Hispanics using the internet across all screens (8.7 hours vs. 11.6). Putting all of these numbers together, it’s evident that social networking plays an outsized role in Hispanics’ overall digital lives."

So what does this mean for ad agencies and marketers?

If you’re looking to reach a Hispanic audience, you might want to consider more social advertising versus more traditional online display.

Read more about the full eMarketer report, “US Hispanics and Social Networking: A Digital Space They Make Their Own,” here.

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