Pharmacists' use of smartphones and tablets shows small increases

More pharmacists report using smartphones and tablets for professional purposes but they still trail physician use, according to Kantar Media’s Sources & Interactions 2013 Study – Pharmacy Edition.

Usage of pharmacists among both devices showed a steady increase year-over-year. The percent that use smartphones for work reasons rose 2% year-over-year while tablet usage jumped by 7%. The data suggests that like other healthcare professionals, pharmacists see the value of incorporating digital technology into their jobs although they have not adopted the devices as quickly as doctors.

However, the majority of pharmacists still do not use mobile apps on their smartphones or tablets for work reasons. Whether that is due to the fact that they are still slow to adopt the devices in general for professional purposes or due to to the lack of relevant apps remains to be seen.

Kantar Media’s Sources & Interactions™ Studies offer a detailed examination of healthcare professionals’ online and mobile activities, e-detailing experience, and exposure to (and evaluation of) information sources including traditional and emerging media, pharma reps, CME, conventions and more. The Pharmacy Edition, conducted every year, is designed to profile pharmacists’ media use in these areas of interest to healthcare marketers and media professionals.

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