Professional Health Print Ad Spend Through October 2016

Advertising spend in professional health print journals totaled $531 million from January-October 2016 according to Kantar Media’s Healthcare data.

Increases in spend from Lilly as compared to last year continues to rank the company at number one for spend since March of this year. Despite lowering spend by 25% from last year, Johnson & Johnson continues to be the second highest spender.

Though Lilly has been the highest spending pharma company in professional health print journals so far this year, it only has one Rx Drug ranking in the top five. In fact, Lilly has decreased spending on Trulicity this year, but had increased spend on six other lower ranking drugs: Humalog 200 Kwikpen (#9; +195%), Cyramza Injection (#14; +25%), Humulin R U 500 Kwikpen (#25; N/A), Alimta (#33; +168%), Erbitux Injection (#42; +241%) and Taltz Injection (#49; N/A).

A total of 83,210 ad pages have been purchased in professional health print journals from January-October 2016. The top drug class advertising by both dollars and pages is Cancer Therapy (Antineoplastic Agents). Antipsychotics saw big upticks in terms of dollars and pages, while Monoclonal Antibodies entered the top five for number of pages the first time this year with a surge of 146% as compared to the similar time period last year.

Kantar Media sets the standard for accurate, comprehensive competitive advertising intelligence in professional healthcare. This analysis is part of ongoing healthcare reporting we release on a monthly basis. Make sure to check back next month for the most recent data, or contact us to learn more!

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