exclusive interview with Bazaarvoice Media (part 2)

We’re back with the conclusion to our exclusive interview with Denise Zaraya, VP of Product Marketing at Bazaarvoice, an ad network that connects brands and retailers to the authentic voices of consumers, when they shop. We hope this interview and others help demystify the ad tech ecosystem and help you discover and consider new platforms and vendors.

Kantar Media SRDS: Why does a media planner or marketer come to Bazaarvoice?

Zaraya: Media planners and marketers come to Bazaarvoice when they are interested in reaching active shoppers in the path to purchase. We are sitting on two tremendous assets: the data behind the ratings/reviews and the ability to put an ad directly in the path to purchase in the retail environment. Brands come to us when they want to advertise on retail sites and specifically target their shoppers when they’re in buying mode. 

Kantar Media SRDS: When in a buyer's needs cycle is Bazaarvoice relevant?

Zaraya: The majority come to Bazaarvoice before they start their planning process. They typically come to us at the beginning of the year so we can get a sense of their ad calendar. We also do a lot of seasonal work and can help brands plan campaigns around all of their seasonal pushes, including back to school, the holidays, etc.

Kantar Media SRDS: Can you tell us about anything new on the horizon for Bazaarvoice?

Zaraya: We’ve heard from many of our brand clients that they are starved for data around how people think about and consider purchases and ultimately why they decide to purchase. They really want data around how to push people over the edge when they're in the consideration process. That’s why analytics is a key area of innovation for us. We have information that helps us understand shoppers as they consider purchases acrossdifferent retailers, which no other vendor can do.

Kantar Media SRDS: How do you see technology and social media continuing to shape the shopping process in the future?

Zaraya: We’ve always said: when people talk, people buy. The talking won’t change. What has changed is that there are new channels in which shoppers are communicating about products. Mobile is a huge focus. That’s why we launched an in-aisle mobile network. In just the last year, it’s doubled in size and it really gives brands the unique opportunity to promote their products in front of consumers using their smartphones and tablets as they research, compare and purchase products in stores and elsewhere.

Kantar Media SRDS: Who can users contact at Bazaarvoice with questions?

Zaraya: They can contact the following individuals:

Scott Williams, VP, Media Sales West, (415) 489 6095,

Suzanne Skop, VP, Media Sales East, (646) 699-2544,

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