in 2013: what's new!

It’s been a busy year at  Kantar Media SRDS  and we’d like to recap some of the highlights in the last six months, specifically product enhancements, user events and our top content. Here we go!

  1. Users can now get a more complete view of the online advertising opportunities on the Web with the addition of ad sizes and formats to our digital database. Organized by IAB standard or non-IAB standard, this section reports the ad sizes (ex: skyscraper) and formats (ex: Flash) that were served on a website within the most recent three months. Click here to learn more about the new data!
  2. Users can now easily access, output and share media profiles and website images. If a media property listing includes a descriptive profile, that profile now appears in search results. As an added bonus, users with reporting enabled can output that profile in a Detailed Report for use in presentations. We also added 5,000+ new profiles, mostly for local digital media, as well as nearly 20,000 website images. They appear in the detailed listing, so click through to see them.
  3. Everyone loves a good party and we had two Media Mixology events for users this yearIn February, over 100 media planning and buying professionals came out to socialize with reps from our sponsors. They shared ideas, snacked and sipped cocktails in a cool NY lounge. In June, we hosted another Media Mixology event for our Midwestern users in Chicago. Although a summer storm kept us off the rooftop, we still had a great time networking with colleagues and friends.
  4. Just a few weeks ago, we released our brand-new guide on digital media planning, filled with best practices to make you the digital expert for your brand. So far, many of you have already downloaded the guide as well as the worksheets, so we hope it helps inform your next campaign.
  5. GfK Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI) data is the currency in magazine planning and enhances your ability to compare publications for your next media plan. That’s why we added MRI audience data to 200 listings in the magazine and newspaper databases.
  6. It’s now easier than ever to conduct keyword and title searches in Simply enter your search terms, specify one or more "media types," select "Title Only" as appropriate, and click "Go!" to quickly get the precise results you're looking for. Your search options are now "sticky" and will persist until you change them. Read more herewatch our how-to video or sign in and start searching!
  7. Our podcast, The Media Mic, really picked up speed in 2013. We’ve already released three new episodes in the last six months! The first features David Crawford and Mark Browning, CEO of TRIPmedia Group, one of the true pioneers in transitioning b-to-b media from traditional print publishing to the digital world. Next, David spoke with Tim Bingaman, President and CEO of Circulation Verification Council (CVC). And in the most recent episode, we were thrilled to sit down with Jon Bross, Media Director at Vladimir Jones.
  8. Scarborough Newspaper Penetration reports are available in the new Local Market Info link in This new menu, labeled "Local Market Info," is available to all SRDS users and is located next to the search box, between Tablet Media and Reports.The new reports offer valuable media planning data for local newspapers and their e-editions, including daily average reach and percent reach, as well as Sunday average reach and percent reach.
  9. Radio database users can now organize radio station search results by metro and non-metro marketsThe new “Group by Market” option is available in any search that includes radio stations (look under the sorting options). After conducting your search, make sure you’ve filtered to radio stations-only, and click the “Group by Market” check box. Your results will appear in two sections: Metro Markets and Non-Metro Markets.
  10. You might have noticed that the SRDS blog and received makeovers this year with a new look and design updates to better reflect our identity as part of Kantar Media. On the blog side, we also added several enhancements. The new “Featured” section presents the most popular blog posts, plus you can now view content by topics and categories. Check them out now!
We’re excited to see what the rest of the year holds. If you ever have ideas for site enhancements or questions about upcoming events, let us know.

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