The integration of additional assets is critical to the media buying decision

What other criteria have an impact on whether or not your brand makes the cut for that campaign?  According to a study we conducted with the firm James G. Elliott on more than 200 users,  many media buyers report that integrating additional assets, including those that go beyond the print medium, are important to their final decision.

Respondents report that bonus pages are the most important additional asset to be integrated into proposals, followed by digital space and rich media. More than half (63%) responded that the integration of digital space is extremely/very important to their planning/buying decision.

The clients of these agencies are also looking for new or unique programs. Over one-third of respondents (38%) have clients that always or often use custom ideas or programs. So if you can get your custom proposals to the media planners quickly, you may have a better chance of your brand being on the recommendation list for the client. 

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More Information about the Study: In Q4 2013, Kantar Media SRDS and James G. Elliott joined forced to understand the media planning and buying information needs of media planners and buyers at agencies. The objectives were to understand the habits of media planners and buyers, to learn about the types of clients and plans that media planners and buyers are working with, to determine the types of resources used for planning and buying and to understand what factors have an impact on media selection. The 200+ respondents were very qualified: they currently have media planning or buying responsibilities and had researched, recommended, planned or bought business-to-business, consumer magazine or digital media in the past 12 months. Click here for more information on the methodology.

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