The move to automated guaranteed in 2015

While some industry experts herald private marketplaces as a way to combat some of the inefficiencies around open exchanges, it’s also interesting that many of the technology platforms are creating automated guaranteed marketplaces. Automated guaranteed is a type of programmatic advertising that refers to the automated direct sale of reserved ad inventory between a buyer and seller. Essentially, it’s a more technological and streamlined version of the direct sales process. The inventory is “saved” and available until it’s purchased by a buyer.This means that the publisher is setting aside specific inventory to be sold via a third party platform vs. it being sold through networks or its direct sales team. Automated guaranteed ad buys don’t involve an auction or bidding. Typically, a third party platform will integrate directly with the publisher's server so that the publisher can guarantee impressions and maintain control over its pricing and packaging.

Rubicon Project released a direct order automation platform, 49bc, which aims to provide buyers and sellers with an interface that brings packaging, discovery, negotiation, execution and insights into a single unified platform. 49bc will accommodate automated guaranteed orders from initiation to execution. Which publishers will offer their inventory to Rubicon Project in 2015?

Earlier this year, PubMatic announced they are building out an automated guaranteed team, beginning with the newly created position of Vice President of Programmatic Direct, Engineering. The firm aims to move into automated guaranteed to complement the company's focus on the automation of advertising transactions via RTB.

There are already several major tech players with automated guaranteed marketplaces, including Adslot, iSocketBuySellAds and Shiny Ads. With so many tech providers investing in this already crowded programmatic space, it begs the question if 2015 will also be the year of automated guaranteed.

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