U.S. doctors get daily dose of information from professional health websites

More and more U.S. doctors are searching or referencing websites and online sources of information as part of their day-to-day lives. Kantar Media’s Website Visitation and Qualitative Evaluations (June 2017 Medical/Surgical Website Usage Study) studied 365 healthcare websites, 50 of which were classified as multi-specialty sites. 98% of physicians visited at least 1 of the 50 multi-specialty websites within the past 6 months with an average of 10 visited per person. The other 315 websites were specialty-specific to give insights into online behavior at the specialty level.

The Medical/Surgical Edition of the Website Usage Study is conducted every six months and the June 2017 data is based on input from 5,828 physicians across 25 specialties (e.g., Primary Care, Orthopedic Surgery, Oncology, etc.). Included in the 365 measured websites were publication websites, association websites, social networks, drug references, government websites and a variety of other professional healthcare websites.

Quantitative and qualitative metrics include:

  • Visitation of websites within the past 6 months
  • Average frequency visiting websites and average time spent per session
  • Total time spent on each website per month
  • Seven qualitative statements about each website
  • Grand mean of qualitative statement ratings

The Website Usage Study, in addition to visits and time spent, allows you to compare various website quality ratings (based on quality of clinical content, usefulness, information level, etc.) across 25 physician specialties. Gain powerful understanding and insight into professional health website performance.

Want to know more? Contact Kantar Media Healthcare Research Client Services at prohealthclientservice-us@kantarmedia.com or 646-895-8528.

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