Webinar on-demand: seize the programmatic opportunity

Seize the Programmatic Opportunity Webinar 

Here at Kantar Media, we’re obviously excited about programmatic and think that most agency and marketer teams, no matter their size, should be too. Every week, new studies project astonishing numbers about how much of our media plans are (or will be) allocated to programmatic methods. Despite this enthusiasm, we often hear from clients who are unsure about why it matters, what all the different kinds of deals and marketplaces mean, and how to take the next step.

I recently had the pleasure of hosting an idea-packed half-hour web session along with my colleague Tina Stevens that addresses those concerns, as well as:

  • How automated guaranteed and private marketplaceprogrammatic deals fit into the digital ad ecosystem

  • Why programmatic is here to stay, and not just for big agencies and brands

  • How programmatic platforms are combatting concerns over fraud, viewability, and brand safety

  • How to get started with programmatic buying—with or without a trading desk—with SRDS.com

You can watch the webinar on-demand here.


During the session, we received a couple of questions we didn't have time to answer live. Brief answers are below. As always, for more detail or for any other questions pleasecontact the SRDS Service Center!

Is the inventory available for purchase generally remnant inventory from the vendors?

We tend to avoid qualifying online ad inventory as being "premium" or otherwise, as those are subjective terms that can mean different things to different people with different client objectives. Publishers and platforms, of course, want their inventory to be considered premium to ensure that it's sold, so they will very rarely classify their inventory as"remnant."

While we don't classify the inventory in our database that way, since it is either being sold through Automated Guaranteed or Private Marketplace you have a much greater opportunity to see exactly what you are buying and make that judgment call for yourself and your client.

What is the benefit of programmatic versus a direct buy with the vendor?

In general it streamlines the process and allows for more specific audience targeting. Some benefits we've heard from our clients include:

  • Greater transparency

  • Can be equalizing for buyers with limited spending power

  • More efficient processes, automating IO, trafficking, data

  • Lower cost

  • Greater control and faster optimization of campaigns

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