Website usage & qualitative evaluations: June 2013 Medical/Surgical Edition

Kantar Media’s Website Usage & Qualitative Evaluations: June 2013 Medical/Surgical Edition is designed to profile physicians' usage of professional websites and their attitudes about those websites. More than 300 websites were included in this survey.

What insights are available?

Metrics include:

  • Visitation of websites within the past 6 months
  • Average frequency visiting websites and average time spent per session
  • Total time spent on each website per month
  • Seven qualitative statements about each website
  • Grand mean of qualitative statement ratings

How is data collected?

The data in this report are comprised of two data collection periods. A portion of the sample received an invitation to an online survey in October 2012 and a reminder one week later, while another portion of the sample received an initial email invitation in April 2013 (with a reminder email one week later). Ten specialties contain data from both waves, while fourteen specialties only contain data from the most recent wave.

For more information on how to get full access to the study, contact us.

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