Who's on Top? 6/13-6/19

We examined advertising expenditure for new national television creatives during the week of 6/13-619. Ad spend for new creatives that broke on national TV reached an estimated $116 million.

Warner Bros. Pictures won for the second week in a row, with new creative executions backed by $10.2 million of expenditures, down slightly from the week prior. Spend this week was made up of the promotion of four movies: Central Intelligence, Conjuring 2, Legend of Tarzan, and Suicide Squad.

Legend of Tarzan was at the head of the pack with $4.8 million of expenditures on new creatives. The first cycle of TV advertising for the film hit the airwaves on 5/12 and with the release date of July 1st approaching, marketing support has significantly increased. Ad messaging has mentioned that tickets for the film go on sale June 17th. As such, some of the creatives featured the Fandango logo at the end of the commercial.

The studio aired 12 new creatives for the film during the week. Each one featured various action packed scenes with a voice over from the character of Tarzan’s wife. The creative with the most spend behind it was a 30 second spot backed by $1.6 million. The spot aired nationally on 25 networks a total of 62 times throughout the week. The majority of airtime for this spot was overnight, however it did air twice during the NBA Finals, including one occurrence during the final game. Owning airtime during what turned out to be the year's most popular program after the Super Bowl and the Oscars surely gave Legend of Tarzan more bang for its buck during its promotion.


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