Who's on Top? 7/25-7/31

Advertising expenditure for new national television creatives fell $28 million during the week of 7/25-7/31 only reaching $79 million. This week it was Microsoft taking the top spot with over $11 million of expenditures, more than we typically see from one advertiser on new creatives in a single week. The tech giant promoted multiple products, pinning them against Apple’s Mac and offering back-to-school discounts.

Creative Spotlight

With Target ramping up its back-to-school promotion, this week it delivered the creative with the most spend behind it. While all of Target’s new national creatives for the week were focused on back-to-school, the one with the highest advertising expenditure ($3.8 million) stood out. Instead of marketing products, this spot discussed the campaign itself and demonstrated Target’s amity towards students through its partnership with 826LA, a non-profit writing organization for under-served children in Los Angeles.

For the promotion, Target asked students to create its entire back-to-school campaign for them. This commercial showed the behind the scenes action of the content creation and production in progress. As the top spending advertiser for back-to-school for the last two years, it’s no surprise that Target put so much thought and is investing so heavily into this promotion.


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