The battle of the telecom companies continues

Who's on Top? 9/12-9/18

Advertiser spend on new creatives airing on national television topped out at $120 million during the week of September 12, a decrease 34 percent from the previous week which had higher than average expenditures due to the NFL season kick-off. This week, Warner Bros. took the top spot with $6.3 million of expenditures, though two other movie studios also ranked in the top five.

Creative Spotlight

It’s been a battle of the telecom companies over the past few weeks with Verizon and Sprint going head to head, not only in their creative messaging, but also in who is spending the most on a single new creative. Verizon held the top spot for the past three weeks, but this week it was Sprint that ranked number one with a new ad for its campaign featuring former Verizon spokesman Paul Marcarelli.

Sprint’s winning ad this week featured a man entering a barber shop stating "Upgrade season’s here" and that he got his new iPhone from Sprint for $0, referring to the launch of the Apple iPhone 7 last week. Marcarelli then mentions all of the networks are great now and that Sprint saves you 50% off current national carrier rates – a common message theme in its recent commercials.

This 30 second spot was backed by $6.1 million of expenditures, running 71 times across 17 networks. The majority of spend ($5 million) was allocated to NFL games.


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