Basketball brings in big advertising bucks

Who’s on Top? – February 25-March 3, 2019

National TV ad spend doubled during the week of February 25, when compared the week prior, with total spend increasing from $1 billion to $2 billion. With no big events attracting a mass audience, spend on new advertising slipped by 35%, topping out at $123 million. NBA games were the most popular program for debuting new commercials, bringing in $6 million in new ad revenue. However, when looking at total ad spend, college basketball games ranked number one, beating out the pros by generating $46 million and $40 million in national TV ad revenue respectively.

Creative Spotlight

Geico’s new ad features a pair of basketball players who are in shock about saving hundreds of dollars on insurance by switching to Geico. Cleary distracted, they are seemingly unphased by the fact that they are playing a game against a barbershop quartet. College basketball was the most heavily invested program for Geico this week, with $0.3 million of expenditures, but despite having a basketball theme, the commercial has only aired twice during college basketball games and only one time during an NBA game. Overall, there have been 563 national occurrences of the ad so far.


Though Geico ranked number three for new ad spend this week, the advertiser came out on top when looking at total national TV spending. Geico was the number one spender overall for the week, investing $23 million on national TV placements.

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