Disney begins first big ad push for Christopher Robin movie

Who’s on Top? – July 2-8, 2018

Overall ad spend on national TV was $902 million the week of July 2, a decrease of 10% from the previous week, however expenditures for new commercials were up 12% reaching a total of $145 million. World Cup games continue to be the programming of choice for advertisers, with brands spending $93 million overall and $13 million on new ads – more than was spent with any other single program.

Creative Spotlight

Disney began its first big push this week for upcoming film Christopher Robin set to be released on August 3. The studio released a teaser trailer back in March, however this is the first blitz of advertising we have seen for the movie.

Disney spent $2 million on new TV ads this week to promote the nostalgic, heart-warming film featuring a grown up Christopher Robin rediscovering his inner child thanks to the help of some the most beloved characters of all time: Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet.



As the first week of promotion for Christopher Robin, we will likely see even heavier support for the film in the coming weeks. The remainder of Disney’s new ad budget for the week went to Ant-Man & The Wasp ($1.9 million) and Incredibles 2 ($0.7 million).

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