Verizon highlights first responders in corporate promotion

Who’s on Top? – October 1-7, 2018

Ad spend on national TV during the first week of October remained relatively flat at $1.1 billion, compared to the previous week. However, expenditures for new advertising increased 31%, reaching $216 million. The main drivers of new ad spend were live sporting events, specifically: NFL games ($62 million), college football ($12 million) and MLB playoff games ($8 million). Together, games from these three sports leagues were responsible for 38% of all new ad spending. 


Creative Spotlight

This week, Verizon took the focus off its products, instead highlighting a corporate promotion featuring the country’s first responders. The spot features firemen along with Verizon Chief Network Engineering Officer, Nicki Palmer, discussing how Verizon’s innovations and technology allow first responders to do their jobs and how the company plays a vital role in times of crisis by providing reliable communication through different channels.


The new promotion comes just months after Verizon was criticized for regulating the unlimited data plan of firefighters battling record-setting blazes in California in August 2018. Some claimed Verizon slowed data speeds, however the telecom giant said this was nothing more than a customer service error.

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