Retail dominates TV, targeting last minute shoppers

Who’s on Top? – December 10-16, 2018

National TV ad spend during the week of December 10 remained relatively flat from the previous week, holding steady at $1.2 billion. As advertisers release fewer new ads towards the end of the year, spend on new commercials had a small decrease of 10% week over week, reaching $182 million.

With the holidays just days away, retail was by far the leading ad category for spend with stores trying to make last minute sales. The category had 32% share of new ad spend for the week, or $57 million.

Creative Spotlight

Maintaining share of voice throughout the entire holiday season can be a challenge during a year like this where Thanksgiving fell much earlier than usual, adding an extra week for holiday advertising. Some major retailers pulled back on their TV spend in the beginning of the season, as well as in recent weeks, perhaps to spread their budgets over a longer period of time. However, this week they showed up to reach those last-minute shoppers, with the top five spenders for new TV spots exclusively dominated by retail advertisers.

Kohl’s, Target, Kay Jewelers and Old Navy all spent big promoting sales and store rewards in the lead up to Christmas. Walmart went against the pack, instead choosing to focus on online ordering of groceries to light up the holiday.












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