DIMENSION 2019: Balancing the Brand Scales

Brand Fame vs Brand Relevance

Brand building – via advertising, PR and sponsorships – has always involved a mix of the rational and the emotional. But with online promotion making the shopping experience faster and more convenient, rationality has been amplified over emotion – both in message content and delivery.

Marketers have the tools to be precise in terms of the who, the when and the where.

This portion of our groundbreaking DIMENSION report, Balancing the Brand Scales, explores how connected consumers really feel about advertising and the many communication channels used to reach them.

We also look at micro-targeted marketing (brand relevance) versus mass marketing (brand fame). It’s not a question of simply choosing one approach over the other. But neither is there a single perfect ratio of the two.

We aim to throw some light on the imperfect balance between fame and relevance in targeting, and help guide marketers on the right balance for them.

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About DIMENSION 2019

DIMENSION is our latest thinking on some of the biggest communication planning, buying and measurement issues faced by the industry. This year, it seeks to understand how brands, media owners and agencies alike can win in the age of authenticity.

Uniquely, the study reflects the response and attitudes from twin perspectives: those of the industry’s practitioners and those of the consumers they are trying to reach.

Now in its third year, the findings send a strong message that the recurring issues haven’t gone away, and the imperfect balance our industry finds itself in remains. Our conclusions are based on a survey of 5,000 “connected consumers” age 18+ and interviews with industry leaders across five of the largest media markets in the world – the US, UK, France, Brazil and China. 

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