DIMENSION 2020: Unlocking Audience Growth

Building audience ‘stickiness’ in a complex, disrupted TV & video market

It has never been more important to maintain and improve audience engagement (‘stickiness’) as viewer control is now total –what is viewed when, where and on what device. Our latest report considers:

  • Growth strategies for content providers in the personalization era
  • Using audience data appropriately to unlock growth
  • Enhancing the viewing experience
  • The role of collaboration in a competitive marketplace

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With increased choice and intense competition, we’ve created this report to share how and where content providers and advertisers can use data to unlock growth and maximize return on investment.

It’s personal: connecting with audiences to unlock growth is a summary of research from over 8,000 consumers and interviews with some of the world’s leading thinkers in TV/Video research and advertising.  Our findings present important considerations including:

  • Why unlocking growth demands a new relationship with consumer data. 
  • When advertising messages are targeted so precisely why is panel-based measurement ever more important?
  • Algorithms have their limitations - SVOD content discovery has room for improvement.
  • Why collaboration is key to survival and growth for all content providers

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