Paid Search Intelligence: Insights to optimise performance

The world of search marketing is full of unlimited opportunities. Businesses can be overloaded with data for taking decisions to drive success.

A clear understanding of which keywords are performing and what brand owners are doing help inform choices, improve performance and engage better with customers.

We monitor paid search activities, providing detailed insights into brand campaigns on search engines and ecommerce sites. 

Comprehensive view of paid search activity

We capture more than 10 billion ad occurrences across 27 different media platforms as well as in-market ad activity for more than four million brands.

This provides the most comprehensive and connected overview of brand activities, competitor benchmarking, share of voice and category comparison in paid search.  It includes

  • Data on individual adverts and campaigns across search engines and ecommerce sites, covering both paid and organic search
  • Insights into how different devices perform, whether mobile, laptop, or tablet.

Improving search performance

Brand owners and media agencies can understand how they can maximise the return on investment of their search activity.

We help Brand Owners access insight on their own and competitors’ campaigns to optimise performance and search revenue by buying smarter and engage better with people.

Media agencies receive the best competitive intelligence to inform decision making on where and how to invest in search marketing. to increase buying performance.


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