Valuing sport properties to assess value and RoI

By accurately assessing how sports properties perform in the media, we enable brands to maximise the return on their sponsorship investment, and rights owners to understand the true commercial value of their assets.   

We do this with the combination of our own industry-leading technology, our unparalleled access to audience information and more than 20 years’ experience in sponsorship research.  Our WebSport service gives a comprehensive assessment of online coverage, exposure and media value for a campaign or event.

Clear and accurate valuations

Our team provides a clear understanding of the value of brand exposure and media evaluation.  This approach is rooted in accurate and high-quality analysis. 

Brands and agencies can assess their sponsorship investment against a clear set of targets.  Hence, they can maximise the value of their association with a sports property.

Sports organisations use our analysis to establish their commercial value and demonstrate it to current and potential commercial partners.  This helps both in negotiations with new partners and in reporting against KPIs for existing ones.  

Practical benefits

For example we have helped the sponsor of one of the world’s leading football leagues evaluate and optimise its sponsorship through the lifecycle of its association with that league.

Our data and analysis has been used by one of the world’s leading tennis events to understand and optimise the performance of their partner signage.  This has helped them ensure that they successfully deliver against their commitments to sponsors.

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