Smoking Out the Cigarette Quitters

The 29th March 2019 marks the 15th Anniversary of Ireland becoming the first country in the world to introduce the smoking ban in workplaces, pubs, clubs and restaurants. The ban is widely considered to have saved thousands of lives due to restriction of smoking and prompting people to quit.

But who are those who are seeking to ditch cigarettes and how can marketers reach and engage them most effectively?

According to our TGI consumer data, in the Republic of Ireland, 14% of adults aged 18+ (499,000 people) have tried to quit smoking in the last 12 months.

Quitters are more towards the younger end of the age scale, with almost 20% of them aged 25-34 and a quarter 35-44, but evenly balanced by gender. In terms of brands used to aid their quitting, Nicorette is the most popular choice, being used by 26% of those trying to quit.

This group are open to advertising

Our TGI consumer data shows that those who have tried to quit are especially likely to be engaged by advertising and marketing activity. They are 59% more likely than the average adult over 18 to agree that pop up ads help them find interesting things on the internet and 49% more likely to buy products from companies who sponsor sports events and teams. They are also 33% more likely to agree that advertising within video games or computer gameplay enhances the realism of the game.

Career progression and cars are important to this group

In the Republic of Ireland, those who have tried to quit smoking are 73% more likely than the average 18+ adult to be very interested in a car’s mechanics and 35% more likely to say that it is essential that a car looks good.

In terms of their careers, this group are very driven to succeed. They are a third more likely to be willing to sacrifice time with their family to get ahead and a third more likely to want to get to the very top in their career.

Thus, these represent potentially valuable themes for marketers to tap into in order to efficiently engage these would-be quitters.

Cinema and outdoor media can be key ways to engage

When it comes to effective ways to engage this audience, our TGI consumer data shows that they are 31% more likely than the average adult aged 18 or over to be amongst the heaviest fifth of cinema goers and a 20% more likely to be amongst the heaviest fifth of outdoor media consumers.

Digging deeper for a greater degree of targeting and looking at what specific film types this group are particularly attracted to, our TGI consumer data reveals that they are 59% more likely than other heavy cinema goers to say foreign language films are their favourite type.

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