Twitter - The social newswire

Faced with plenty of social platforms, one of them is clearly ahead of the game: Twitter.  A social network and publisher all in one, Twitter is more and more becoming a real-time information platform where everyone can get the news they choose.

This evolution is not pure coincidence: the CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, is also the founder of Feedburner, an RSS feed manager bought by Google. This sensitivity for information can be found in the new developments undertaken by Twitter to facilitate the adaptation of the platform to the wider public. Beyond the new look, tests are being conducted to implement an algorithm to select tweets according to their relevance, or notify users when a tweet is being heard more than average.

The question is worth asking: is Twitter a social newswire? Once all the noise is controlled, it has all the characteristics – a permanent flow of information, a reactive, ultra- short format and a global presence. These are also the characteristics that make Twitter a fully fledged media and see it being increasingly used as such by communication professionals.

More than a network, Twitter abolishes borders between people, mobilises communities, and gives rise to the movements and ideas of tomorrow. Check out our infographic with 5 reasons why Twitter has become much more than a social network but an essential tool for communication.

Infographic showing how Twitter is more than just a social network

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