Automotive: Reaching new car buyers efficiently

Consumers who convince others with car views potentially a huge asset

Those intending to buy a car can themselves be very influential. Within the big European markets, in Germany in particular they are likely to have talked to many different people in the last 12 months about cars. It is also in Germany that they are particularly likely to have a large amount of knowledge about cars. When it comes to the likelihood of being able to convince others of one’s own views on cars, 8% of those in Germany intending to buy a car believe they are very likely to convince others, compared to 7% in France, 5% in Spain and 4% in Britain. 

However, compare here the value of leveraging word of mouth for automotive with the BRICS. In South Africa 20% of those looking to buy a new car believe it very likely they can sway the views of others on cars, in China the figure is 12% and in India 9%. Clearly, the car buying consumers of the BRICS have more confidence than their western equivalents in their ability to convince others when it comes to cars.

In Germany and Britain, the cinema and internet represent particularly efficient ways of reaching those seeking to buy a car. In France, although there is a modest bulge towards cinema the differences between media are relatively slight. In Spain it is newspapers that represent the most efficient means of reaching these consumers, followed by magazines. 

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