Key media industry challenges explored

Our webinar series explores the three key themes arising from our 2019 DIMENSION study into today's industry challenges.

Join us for one or more of our three half-hour webinars to explore the themes most pertinent to your business.


Addresses the question: "How do I balance precision targeting with making my brand famous?"

Summary: Discover how consumers today relate to, trust and are engaged by advertising and what implications this has for how consumers should be targeted.

Date and time: 2pm, Wednesday 22nd May (circa 25-30 minutes in length)

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Addresses the question: “What is the best funding model for media brands?”

Summary: Discover what drives consumer adoption of media subscriptions and where the optimum balance lies between paid subscription and the commercialisation of media models.

Date and time: 11am, Wednesday 5th June (circa 25-30 minutes in length)

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Addresses the question: “How can my brand win consumers’ trust?”

Summary: Discover which communication channels consumers use and trust to gain information about brands, which media they trust most to combat negative publicity and what this means for effective corporate communications.

Date and time: 11am, Thursday 20th June (circa 25-30 minutes in length)

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