Webinar: Breaking new ground in cross-platform audience measurement

Date:04 April 2017 - 04 April 2017
Time:12:00 - 13:00
Solution: Advertising and Search, Monitoring & Evaluation, Audience Measurement

Breaking new ground in cross-platform audience measurement. Moving from Television to Total Video (TV to TV)

Tuesday 4 April 2017
07:00 EDT, 8:00 BRT, 12:00 BST, 13:00 CEST, 19:00 HKT
60 minutes


Cross-platform measurement is fast becoming a reality. Kantar Media, together with our clients and partners are proud to be leading the industry in the measurement of Total Video viewing. 

In this unmissable webinar, we’ll hear from leaders in Europe, Asia and the US who will share case studies that demonstrate how markets around the world are realising cross-platform audience measurement in different ways.

Join the webinar to discover:

  • Denmark - since launching the enhanced TV currency at the beginning of 2017 find out how the new Viewer Survey delivers a complete view of the TV audience.
  • Pakistan – the first market in the region to pilot a hybrid measurement approach bringing together PeopleMeter and set top box data. Find out how is Pakistan leap-frogging other markets across the world.
  • USA – the announcement of an open standard to bind IDs to advertising and programme content will mark a breakthrough for the US TV industry – find out why Kantar Media’s watermarking technology has been selected for the next step in the process.

As the TV landscape continues to evolve, advertisers, agencies and broadcaster alike have never had so many opportunities.

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