Google TV ads to integrate Return Path Data from Kantar Media's DirectView Service

Kantar Media has announced that Google TV Ads, an online marketplace that makes it easy to buy, sell and measure national cable television advertising utilizing Google's Adwords interface, will integrate Return Path Data (RPD) from Kantar Media's DIRECTView™ service to enhance optimization of its ad placements.

The agreement is part of the recently announced Data Partner Program from Kantar Media, which integrates RPD from DIRECTView with other datasets from both inside and outside of Kantar Media. The goal of the program is to provide marketers and advertisers with new sales and marketing tools and enhanced analytics for more effective targeting, as well as to provide RPD as an ingredient to existing client products.

Integration of RPD from the DIRECTView service will help support ad inventory from DIRECTV soon to be available on Google TV Ads. Google announced a strategic partnership with DIRECTV earlier this year, through which the online marketplace will offer advertising inventory on a broad selection of television networks carried by the satellite provider.

The DIRECTView service is one of the largest national audience measurement services available in the United States. DIRECTView processes Return Path Data obtained through a database of DIRECTV's subscribers. The service enables measurement of the entire spectrum of live and time-shifted (DVR) audience viewing behaviors at a secondby-second level across more than 350 channels.

"Data-driven advertising marketplaces are creating new opportunities for television programmers to connect with marketers, spurred by the ability of ad buyers to gain insight into the programming inventory under consideration," says Bud Breheney, chief commercial officer of Kantar Media Audiences. "DIRECTView, and the use of RPD in general, greatly enhances the analysis made possible through these marketplaces. Our data integration with Google TV Ads is a prime example of how such data can help grow the ad sales market. Our partnership with Google further exemplifies the opportunities our Data Partner Program provides to maximize the value and application of data from our DIRECTView Service."

Google TV Ads utilizes RPD as a targeting and reporting tool across its entire television inventory, which includes commercial inventory from the DISH Network, in addition to DIRECTV, as well as individual cable programming networks including Bloomberg, Tennis Channel and History International.