Kantar Media launches TGI Audience Snapshot in Europe

Kantar Media has today launched a new solution for media sellers, empowering their commercial and sales teams for the first time to directly source and showcase key sales arguments to advertisers, wherever they are.

The TGI Audience Snapshot app facilitates more effective promotion of media inventory through the dynamic use of a pre-defined set of insights from TGI’s in-depth consumer study.

Media sellers decide which key sectors and competitors to compare themselves against within their tailored app and these are interactively rendered through a series of engaging visuals.

Alex Kuhnel, Chief Operating Officer, TGI, Kantar Media comments “I am delighted to see the TGI Audience Snapshot app launch following months of collaboration with some of the most prominent media sellers in the industry perfecting a tool that aligns as closely as possible with their evolving commercial requirements."

Kuhnel continues, “The rise of cookie-based programmatic advertising has led to a widespread shift in campaign focus from positioning and placement to the target audience, as defined by consumer browsing history or basic demographic data. But this has led to serious anxieties amongst advertisers about the impact on their brand of their ad appearing in an environment unsupportive of their desired positioning. Placement has thus been pushed back up to the top of the programmatic agenda, making it more important than ever for media sellers to articulate to advertisers the value of placement on their inventory."

Alison Finnegan, Director of Insight at Immediate Media, comments, “By giving our sales team the means to directly draw from a range of key consumer insights, within controlled parameters, that prove the value of our audiences, TGI Audience Snapshot represents a major step forwards for us realising the potential value of our various titles and sites.”

Read more about how TGI Audience Snapshot and view our promotional video.