TGI Global Quick View

With TGI Global Quick View you can profile and plan on the connected consumer, leveraging harmonised international consumer data covering 22 countries.

Agencies and brands can find key targets and build impactful campaigns that resonate locally.

Media owners can gain a better understanding of their media properties across the largest advertising markets in the world, allowing them to better monetise their inventory.

Built on a sample of over 60,000 connected consumers in 22 countries, TGI Global Quick View enables you to complement the targeting of consumers across multiple markets with in-depth localised targeting and planning leveraging the national TGI consumer data studies that exist in almost 70 countries worldwide.

TGI Global Quick View comprises consumer data that covers three key areas:

  • Online personality traits, e.g. including e-commerce user types, social media user types
  • Online media preferences, e.g. video and audio streaming habits, social platform habits
  • Online brand and purchase preferences, including multiple key global brands, purchase categories and preference reasons

TGI Global Quick View is accessed through our unique data visualisation tool, TGI Snapshot, which is crammed with features to help you identify the key global trends you need.

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TGI Global Quick View - Kantar from Kantar Media on Vimeo.



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