Media contacts: target, track and engage in real time

Effective media relations starts with identifying influential journalists and commentators.  Our media contacts platform makes it easy to target and track relevant contacts in real-time, across all media channels.

We help communications professionals identify and engage with journalists and commentators more effectively, based on what they write, blog and tweet. 

Content analysed from national and regional newspapers, trade publications, and online and social media helps give a live, detailed understanding of what your target audience is covering. 

Identify relevant contacts

Bringing together detailed contact profiles with up to the minute analysis of the companies, topics and issues being written and tweeted about makes it easier to identify relevant contacts and see who is engaging with your communications activity 

Refine your messaging by better understanding the themes being discussed, and brief spokespeople on how to get closer to their target media.

Connect more effectively

The service is delivered through fully-integrated software making it straightforward to communicate with your key contacts.  Distribute press releases directly, share multi-media content with social media targets or take a more personal approach and engage directly through Twitter and LinkedIn.  All of this can be recorded, tracked and shared.

Contact us

Miranda Smith
Head of Business Development

075 0005 0621

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