F1 Season comparison - Spanish Grand Prix

The Spanish Grand Prix saw another win for Lewis Hamilton, his second in a row, and a calmer display by Max Verstappen provided him with his first podium finish of the season. 

Using Kantar Social TV Ratings (KSTR) data, our comparative series looks back at the social engagement during the 2017 season and how that compares to this season’s equivalent. 

As with the Azerbaijan race a couple of weeks ago, the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix has underperformed compared to the 2017 edition in terms of volume of tweets. However, despite the lower amount of tweets, there is a higher amount of unique authors in 2018. This has also provided an uplift in impressions, with 90.1 million compared to 81.2 million.

Looking at the top 5 countries, it is very similar for both years with the top 4 in identical positions. France have overtaken the United States this year as the other side of the pond haven’t quite tweeted as much as last year during the 2018 Spanish GP. 

There is a strong dominance by the official hashtags in Formula One. This is the same every race and is a trend seen in both 2017 and 2018 races. The top hashtag ‘#spanishgp’ was used in almost 40% of all tweets about the Spanish Grand Prix during the broadcast on Sunday. F1’s hashtag for Vettel, ‘#seb5’ finds itself in the top 5 each year, surprising seeing he didn’t make the podium this year. 

The same trend that is seen in the hashtags can be seen in the mentions for the Spanish Grand Prix. The top 5 list is almost identical in both years apart from the Sky Sports account falling off in 2018. As always, the official account stands out compared to the rest in volume of mentions. 

A first lap crash and a win which provided Hamilton a 17 point championship lead gave us another exciting and eventful Formula One race. Although there have been less total tweets this year compared to last year, there have been more unique authors tweeting. Can the Monaco Grand Prix provide us with more authors as well as total tweets? Stay tuned to our blogs to find out.

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