How Twitter Turned up to the Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding fever swept the globe on Saturday, with over a million of those who tuned in to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle actively engaging on Twitter at the same time.

7.6M Tweets were posted globally on Saturday about the nuptials by 2.5M Unique Authors – that’s more people Tweeting about the wedding than the population of Botswana! These Tweets generated an impressive 2969.4M impressions, and received 25.3M Likes.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of conversation focussed on Harry and Meghan, with #HarryandMeghan used in 3.7% of all global Tweets. However, Meghan pulled ahead as she was mentioned in 1.5M Tweets, whereas ‘Harry’ was used in 1.4M.

Despite many beautiful, memorable moments from the ceremony, it was Bishop Michael Curry’s wedding sermon that caused the biggest reaction on Twitter. 72.9K Tweets were sent during the first two minutes of his address making it the stand out moment of social engagement.

Posting 1.1M Tweets, or 14.4% of the global total, the US emerged as the most socially engaged country around the wedding on Twitter. Activity was still high in the UK, with 674.9K Tweets posted across Saturday.

Looking more closely at UK only Twitter activity, it was the BBC broadcast that drew the biggest TV audience in terms of live UK viewers, and also had the highest number of directly associated Tweets.

Brands also factored into the UK wedding Twitter conversations, with Marks and Spencer retitling to ‘Markle & Sparkle’ resulting in 4.1K Tweets about the brand posted between Friday and Sunday, which is a 37% increase in activity compared to the same period the week before.


Information Source: Kantar Media – Kantar Social TV Ratings 2018

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